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Summer Berry Tart

It you go to any farmers market you will know by the bright reds and the deep blues that Summer berries are ripe and in season!  This sinfully delicious and light Mascarpone tart is an homage to the beautiful berries that mark the beginning of Summer! Continue reading


The Best Breakfast Cups…Ever.

One of the things I love about our family is that we decided a few years ago that breakfast and dinner were going to be priority family times.  We eat a full breakfast every morning together before we take the kids to school and go to work, usually consisting of bacon, eggs, bread, coffee and a fruit of some sort.  During the week, this is our standard, but when we get to the weekend I like to change it up a little.  Using the same ingredients with just a few tweaks I came up with the Best Breakfast Cups!  These Best Breakfast Cups are both hearty, with thick smoked bacon, and light with the fluffy omelet-like egg filling.  You are going to love these super tasty Best Breakfast Cups! Continue reading

Excellent Lunch at O’Henry’s Brookwood

O’Henry’s is a coffee staple here in Birmingham.  O’Henry’s coffee, as wonderful as it is, will have to be saved for a later blog post (maybe even an award winning post…)  Today I am posting about the relatively new venture of O’Henry’s; Lunch.  For the past year and a half, since the opening of the Brookwood store, O’Henry’s has been serving a variety of sandwiches, flat breads and salads.  While I have tried many of these fantastic little lunch plates one stands out among the rest. Continue reading

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