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Food Blog South Opening Session- Tanner Latham

Tanner’s Blog- http://edgeoftheroad.typepad.com/

What is great about the South.  This is a statement not a question.

So Tanner begins with “Bacon Porn” which is literally the sound and video of bacon frying. Some of the aspects of the great south are Charismatic Characters, Authenticity:Products that are pure and stand of quality not packaging.

Southern Food and Trending from Kara Neilsen Trendologist from SanFrancisco- “What the South has been doing forever started being recognized under the guise of seasonal, local and sustainable.  The South was able to retain a lot of its regional culinary characteristics.”

2011 Food Trends- Cloudberries, Arepas, Popovers, Coconut Oil, Grass fed Dairy, Umami

Side note- Tanner is a friend from back in Piedmont and you could not meet a better guy or come across a better blog, make sure to check it out! Edge of the Road

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