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I Remember the Streets of Damascus…

Well, in my impatience waiting on the starter, which by the way is working well (post to come), I wanted to use my new Kitchen Aid mixer and bakers stone.  So I decided to make some Pita bread!  I have never made pita but love, love, love this wonderfully simple bread!  I fell in love with pita about 10 years ago when I spent a month studying in Jordan and Syria.  This was an incredibly euphoric time for me; first time out of the country, falling in love with my wife and traveling the world, all the while pita bread and kalamata olives provided the culinary soundtrack for the mix of life changing events.  I remember walking the streets of the ancient city of Damascus completely famished from the long day of travel from Amman and smelling the now all familiar aroma of fresh baking Pita. Continue reading


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