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Best Cupcakes in the ‘ham

Dream Cakes

Let me tell you about my friends at dream cakes.  Well, I do not actually know the owners of dream cakes but I will call them friends because the fill mine and my children’s bellies with some amazing confectionary delights!  Dream Cakes is one of the thousands of cup cake shops that have popped up all over the country in the past few years.  It is excellent in every way.  Beautifully soft and moist cake with layers of flavor within and on top.  They have a massive selection both with standards and new flavors every day.  We have not found a cup cake yet that has not been amazing at dream cakes.  They have also utilized the food truck concept and are bringing their beautiful Homewood shop all over Birmingham.  So if you are in the mood for an amazing little lump of baked heaven head over the dream cakes in the Edgewood section of Homewood.

BTW if you are lucky they will have my personal favorite the Maple Bacon Cup Cake, yes it is exactly what you are thinking, trust me it puts you in a happy coma.

A Study in Chocolate

So a few weeks ago I made my wife a big three course Valentine’s meal.  We started off with an appetizer of pan seared scallops with flash fried lemon zest.  Our main course was a roasted garlic and rosemary crusted rack of lamb, served over creamed potatoes with a side of roasted asparagus and mushrooms.  The grand finale was, what I am calling, a study in chocolate.  It was a four part dessert, consisting of a cup of Mexican sipping chocolate with cayenne whipping cream, followed by a chocolate covered strawberry, then the famous chocolate souffle with creme anglaise from Hot and Hot Fish Club (recipe can be found in their cookbook, Click Here) and finally some dark chocolate bark infused with lavender blossoms and topped with sea salt.  If you are interested in making the entire study in chocolate you can get Hot and Hot’s recipe in the book, chocolate covered strawberries are easy enough, and below are my two other recipes for the sipping chocolate and the sea salt and lavender bark. Enjoy! Continue reading

New Year’s Eve Dinner

Just thought I would post what all I made for Mary Liz and myself for New Years Eve dinner. *Note: I am not a cheap, no fun, hermit, avoid the crowds husband. That is not why we were at home, no baby sitters for our beautiful 3 & 5 year olds gave us the opportunity to have a lovely evening of sparklers and good food together.  We had a lovely time and all for about $12 a meal. Click on the pictures for a better look.  And that meal consisted of:

Roasted Duck Breast with Clementine Thyme Sauce cut on a bias and served over Creamy mashed potatoes alongside roasted baby portobello mushrooms and shallots cooked in some rendered duck fat and roasted Asparagus tips. For Dessert we had Orange and Chocolate Bread Pudding. We topped off the evening with a Grand Champagne Cocktail. It was delicious.

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