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The Gulf Oil Spill and Southern Seafood

Panelist- Ashley Hall, Erin Shaw Street, John Bowler, Stacey Little

Ashley- Worked blogging during the spill over at Third Coast Byways to tell the stories of the fishermen on the coast getting the word directly from the industry. It is important to continue to share that the seafood is safe and ready to eat!.

John- Whole Foods Seafood buyer- Whole Foods did not pull Gulf Coast seafood during when everyone else did, as a company they decided there was no better time to support these people. They are still doing testing of the fish to make sure they quality is at its best. NOAA is the most detailed site to get information concerning the spill. Whole Foods trusts their fishermen, who go to NOAA and check everyday as to where they should and should not fish.


This has been a very interesting session. In a world where we are constantly flooded with new disasters, pain and heart ache it is easy to forget the lasting effect of this horrifying tragedy that concluded only a few months ago. Thanks so much for including the stories of the fishermen and the gulf coast at this conference. How important it is to keep these beautiful people on the front of our minds as well as remember the with our pocket books and shopping carts.


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