Excellent Lunch at O’Henry’s Brookwood

O’Henry’s is a coffee staple here in Birmingham.  O’Henry’s coffee, as wonderful as it is, will have to be saved for a later blog post (maybe even an award winning post…)  Today I am posting about the relatively new venture of O’Henry’s; Lunch.  For the past year and a half, since the opening of the Brookwood store, O’Henry’s has been serving a variety of sandwiches, flat breads and salads.  While I have tried many of these fantastic little lunch plates one stands out among the rest. The Madison County Flatbread is a perfectly balanced combination of apples, bacon, chicken, red onion and sharp cheddar cheese.  Their special “Madison County White Sauce” is spread on the flat bread, the rest of the ingredients placed on top and then is cooked in an oven until crisp.  When I first discovered this flatbread pizzaesque creation I immediately began contemplating how to turn this into a panini or some sort of chicken salad.  I quickly realized that perfection need not be improved upon.  It is an excellent lunch option in a top notch coffee house.  Two thumbs up for the Madison County Flatbread at O’Henry’s Brookwood.

View the whole menu as well as their amazing variety of coffees, teas and other delectable items here at the O’Henrys Coffees Website


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