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Thanksgiving Meal 2011 or I’m Back!!!!!

Hello All! It has been entirely too long since I have been able to post, I am sorry. In the past few months loads have been happening in my personal and professional life. Professionally, I was contracted to write a book about youth ministry. It was an absolute joy to write and should be on Amazon in January. I blame the book for my lack of posting on here. I wanted to spend all of my creative juices making sure it was both what I wanted it to be as well as finished by the deadline given by my publisher. I am very excited! Personally WE ARE PREGNANT!!! This is a complete surprise as we had planned our little lives around a 4 person family. We are so excited and cannot wait to find out if it is a Nora Grace or Henry Finn. We will find out on December 1 and the little one is due April 23!!!! So needless to say there are loads of exciting things happening around the Vulcans Table house! Now onto the food…

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Summer Berry Tart

It you go to any farmers market you will know by the bright reds and the deep blues that Summer berries are ripe and in season!  This sinfully delicious and light Mascarpone tart is an homage to the beautiful berries that mark the beginning of Summer! Continue reading

Best Cupcakes in the ‘ham

Dream Cakes

Let me tell you about my friends at dream cakes.  Well, I do not actually know the owners of dream cakes but I will call them friends because the fill mine and my children’s bellies with some amazing confectionary delights!  Dream Cakes is one of the thousands of cup cake shops that have popped up all over the country in the past few years.  It is excellent in every way.  Beautifully soft and moist cake with layers of flavor within and on top.  They have a massive selection both with standards and new flavors every day.  We have not found a cup cake yet that has not been amazing at dream cakes.  They have also utilized the food truck concept and are bringing their beautiful Homewood shop all over Birmingham.  So if you are in the mood for an amazing little lump of baked heaven head over the dream cakes in the Edgewood section of Homewood.

BTW if you are lucky they will have my personal favorite the Maple Bacon Cup Cake, yes it is exactly what you are thinking, trust me it puts you in a happy coma.

A Study in Chocolate

So a few weeks ago I made my wife a big three course Valentine’s meal.  We started off with an appetizer of pan seared scallops with flash fried lemon zest.  Our main course was a roasted garlic and rosemary crusted rack of lamb, served over creamed potatoes with a side of roasted asparagus and mushrooms.  The grand finale was, what I am calling, a study in chocolate.  It was a four part dessert, consisting of a cup of Mexican sipping chocolate with cayenne whipping cream, followed by a chocolate covered strawberry, then the famous chocolate souffle with creme anglaise from Hot and Hot Fish Club (recipe can be found in their cookbook, Click Here) and finally some dark chocolate bark infused with lavender blossoms and topped with sea salt.  If you are interested in making the entire study in chocolate you can get Hot and Hot’s recipe in the book, chocolate covered strawberries are easy enough, and below are my two other recipes for the sipping chocolate and the sea salt and lavender bark. Enjoy! Continue reading

When In Rome: New York City, Manhattan Edition

First of all, I feel completely inadequate even beginning to try to write an article about where to eat in Manhattan, aka the food capital of the world.  So a disclaimer:  I am not an expert on dining in this amazing culinary city.  I am however a lover of food, and that love has led me to some pretty great places around an even more amazing city.  I will be back to NYC in the Spring and I hope that some of you will recommend some places for me to eat so that I can add to this article a second entry.  I have also enlisted an entertainment writer/blogger from New York to help me in this endeavor.  K over at Pure Complex has so generously sent me some great dessert recommendations for when you have a sweet tooth in the city that never sleeps.  Make sure to go and check our her blog and get the latest scoop on new movies, pop culture and other entertainment news.  So thanks K at PureComplex.com for the local insider information! Continue reading

When in Rome: Nashville Edition

Nashville is a great city to visit!  It is easy to get around, traffic is no where near as bad as other large cities and there are loads of great eats all around the city.  My list below has one caveat, it is primarily centered around the Vanderbilt campus.  I did venture to a highly recommended restaurant called City House and was really excited about the food, but alas the bloody place was closed on Tuesday– who the heck closes on Tuesdays!!!! I will visit it the next time I am in the city, just not on a Tuesday.  So below are my primarily Vandy centered eateries.  I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Good Eats at Food Blog South

Welcome Food Blog South Bloggers!!! I love Birmingham, and I know you will too!  It is as diverse a city in it’s culture as it is in it’s culinary scene.  So this is a special post for all you awesome food bloggers that will be joining me Saturday at Food Blog South!  I wanted to make sure you feel comfortable in our fine city and have a few local places to sample from while you are here.  So welcome and I hope you enjoy!

Urban Standard– Urban Standard is a hip relatively new shop in Birmingham’s developing 2nd Ave North district. At Urban you can you get an excellent cup or coffee or Latte brewed with Birmingham’s own Primavera Coffee.  Coffee is not the only special part of the Urban experience.  About two years ago the very popular coffee destination began to serve lunch.  They have some of the best Paninos in the city.  They combine some pretty exciting flavors like fresh goat cheese and balsamic jelly on a chicken panino and not to mention the best Grilled Cheese you will ever eat, it is excellent.  They also have a fish sandwich with preserved Meyer Lemons that is worth slapping your mother for.  You will not regret making the short drive over to Urban Standard on 2nd avenue North.

O’Henry’s Coffee– Hands down my favorite coffee in Birmingham.  O’Henry’s roasts all of their own beans and blends.  My favorite is their Jamaica Me Crazy.  O’Henry’s has several locations all over the city.  At some of their locations they also serve lunch.  For a more extensive review of O’Henrys with directions Click here

Urban Cookhouse– A great new Locavore destination in Birmingham

Dreamland BBQ– Best Ribs in Birmingham

Nabeel’s– Incredible Mediterranean

Jensei Sushi- Best Sushi in Birmingham

The J Clyde– Best Place to get a drink in Birmingham

Winter Spiced Pears

So my wife and I were hungry for a warm winter dessert tonight as the temperature drops well below freezing.  I had some Bosc Pears and a little time so I created a Winter Spiced Pear that not only tastes and smells like you are eating pure wassail but is an incredibly simple desert to make.  I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Pumpkin Cheesecake Bites with Bourbon Cream Sauce

While I am not a pastry chef, I do love a hearty yet delicate cheesecake.  This recipe has the added touch of Fall with the addition of Pumpkin Puree and some other fall spices.  The Bourbon cream sauce adds a rich undertone to the otherwise savory cheesecake.  I also made some pastry pumpkin leaves and candied them with raw sugar as a garnish.  This is a great way to end your Thanksgiving day dinner! Continue reading

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