Thanksgiving Meal 2011 or I’m Back!!!!!

Hello All! It has been entirely too long since I have been able to post, I am sorry. In the past few months loads have been happening in my personal and professional life. Professionally, I was contracted to write a book about youth ministry. It was an absolute joy to write and should be on Amazon in January. I blame the book for my lack of posting on here. I wanted to spend all of my creative juices making sure it was both what I wanted it to be as well as finished by the deadline given by my publisher. I am very excited! Personally WE ARE PREGNANT!!! This is a complete surprise as we had planned our little lives around a 4 person family. We are so excited and cannot wait to find out if it is a Nora Grace or Henry Finn. We will find out on December 1 and the little one is due April 23!!!! So needless to say there are loads of exciting things happening around the Vulcans Table house! Now onto the food…

This Thanksgiving I am relying on some favorites as well as a few new recipes. We are having Thanksgiving in Savannah this year so I had to pack a mini kitchen with me as we traveled. I hope you can take some inspiration from our menu below, enjoy!

Turkey- I am not including a turkey recipe this year as my Brother in Law, Pat, is taking care of smoking it this year.  If nothing else I would go to Alton Brown’s Brine recipe and follow it accordingly.  It is a wonderful recipe that I have used many times.

Party Punch–  This is a new addition to the Thanksgiving menu.  I am really excited to try this new recipe that I actually cam across via Pinterest.

Mesa Grill’s Pumpkin Soup with Mexican Cinnamon Creme Fraiche and Toasted Pumpkin Seeds –  I absolutely LOVE this recipe.  It is from Bobby Flay and it adds an amazing spice and depth of flavor to the beginning of your Holiday Meal.

Stuffin Muffins– This is one of my original and best reviewed recipes!  I love stuffing and I am from a family who always tries to get the corner pieces of the stuffing pan as they have that awesome crunchy goodness.  So, in effort to keep familial peace I came up with the idea of the Stuffin Muffin!!!  It takes the regular pan stuffing recipe and turns it  into cute individual sized muffins.  They are little lumps of savory goodness!!!

Emeril’s Orange Cranberry Sauce–  Needless to say, this does not come from a can in little gelatinous discs.  This amazing sauce with a deep orange overtone is the perfect savory sweet combination for any Thanksgiving plate.  It is hands down the best Cranberry sauce I have ever come across, not to mention the most simple to prepare.  Use this and wow your guests!

Crispy Potato Roast–  Tired of the same old Mashed potatoes?  I have an option for you!  This Crispy potato roast is an awesome side dish that you really must try.  It has a deep buttery flavor complemented perfectly by accents of Thyme and Shallots.  I also love how the potatoes crisp up so well.  If the taste alone does not wow you the presentation will, absolutely beautiful!

Balsamic and Bacon Green Beans–  This is a new original recipe to the blog!  I hope you enjoy!  BTW you can serve it warm or cold either one has tons of flavor!

Honey Roasted Winter Root Vegetables-  This is a another dearly loved original recipe!  It really does not get much better than this!  The Parsnips and Turnips provide the savory yin to the sweet yang of the Carrots and Sweet Potatoes!

Mini Pumpkin Cheesecakes with Bourbon Cream Sauce– I came with with this recipe in an effort to give everyone an individual desert or three!  The Bourbon Cream Sauce takes this dessert to a whole other level!

Utterly Deadly Southern Pecan Pie–  I have recently come across this recipe and have already gorged my self on one of these divine creations.  Switch up your traditional recipe for this Southern Living variation and you will never go back.

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