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White Breakfast Frittata

Late one night about six years ago, I found myself up and procrastinating on a graduate paper due the next morning,and as usual watching cooking shows.  I do not remember what show I was watching but the focus of the episode was the frittata.  After watching the show I immediately went to my kitchen, at 1 a.m. remember, and made my first frittata.  It was excellent.  Not because of anything special I had done but purely the concept and the versatility that it brings. I prefer frittatas over omelets not only for the versatility of the method but I find the tastes to be more defined and the textures more pronounced .  I experiment with all sorts of ingredients in frittatas, the White Breakfast Frittata is one of my latest creations.  It is not only simple but super tasty.  So whether it is 1 a.m. procrastination/study snack or a Saturday morning breakfast treat, the frittata is an excellent alternative to the omelet. Continue reading


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