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Good Eats at Food Blog South

Welcome Food Blog South Bloggers!!! I love Birmingham, and I know you will too!  It is as diverse a city in it’s culture as it is in it’s culinary scene.  So this is a special post for all you awesome food bloggers that will be joining me Saturday at Food Blog South!  I wanted to make sure you feel comfortable in our fine city and have a few local places to sample from while you are here.  So welcome and I hope you enjoy!

Urban Standard– Urban Standard is a hip relatively new shop in Birmingham’s developing 2nd Ave North district. At Urban you can you get an excellent cup or coffee or Latte brewed with Birmingham’s own Primavera Coffee.  Coffee is not the only special part of the Urban experience.  About two years ago the very popular coffee destination began to serve lunch.  They have some of the best Paninos in the city.  They combine some pretty exciting flavors like fresh goat cheese and balsamic jelly on a chicken panino and not to mention the best Grilled Cheese you will ever eat, it is excellent.  They also have a fish sandwich with preserved Meyer Lemons that is worth slapping your mother for.  You will not regret making the short drive over to Urban Standard on 2nd avenue North.

O’Henry’s Coffee– Hands down my favorite coffee in Birmingham.  O’Henry’s roasts all of their own beans and blends.  My favorite is their Jamaica Me Crazy.  O’Henry’s has several locations all over the city.  At some of their locations they also serve lunch.  For a more extensive review of O’Henrys with directions Click here

Urban Cookhouse– A great new Locavore destination in Birmingham

Dreamland BBQ– Best Ribs in Birmingham

Nabeel’s– Incredible Mediterranean

Jensei Sushi- Best Sushi in Birmingham

The J Clyde– Best Place to get a drink in Birmingham

A Locavore Favorite: Urban Cookhouse

Today some friends from out of town and I went to one of my Locavore favorites; Urban Cookhouse.  Urban Cookhouse is a relatively new organic/locavore foodie destination in downtown Homewood. Continue reading

Best Sushi in the ‘ham

It is with great joy that I announce the winner of the Vulcan’s Table Best of Birmingham Best Sushi Award, and the award goes to Jensei Sushi in Homewood.  Jensei offers fresh, exciting and imaginative sushi in an ultra chic hip environment.  When you walk into Jensei you feel as though you have walked into a sushi bar in SoHo in Manhattan instead of our little SoHo in Homewood. Continue reading

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