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When in Rome: Nashville Edition

Nashville is a great city to visit!  It is easy to get around, traffic is no where near as bad as other large cities and there are loads of great eats all around the city.  My list below has one caveat, it is primarily centered around the Vanderbilt campus.  I did venture to a highly recommended restaurant called City House and was really excited about the food, but alas the bloody place was closed on Tuesday– who the heck closes on Tuesdays!!!! I will visit it the next time I am in the city, just not on a Tuesday.  So below are my primarily Vandy centered eateries.  I hope you enjoy! Continue reading


Best Ribs in the ‘ham

Dreamland BBQ is a long standing tradition among many outstanding BBQ institutions in the great state of Alabama.  Dreamland can be found in several locations around the state, including in downtown Birmingham.  Dreamland ribs get the Vulcan’s Table Award for Best Ribs in the City.  I have had a long love affair with these southern delicacies, so simple in presentation (served with only a few slices of bread for “soppin'” up the left over sauce) yet so complex in flavor and texture. Continue reading

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