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Spaghetti alla Carbonara

I have had the wonderful pleasure of traveling to Rome several times in recent years. It is an amazing city, full of history, amazing art and great food.  Italy is known for it’s incredible food, but Rome itself is often overlooked for its relatively few native dishes.  Unlike it’s neighbors to the north, Tuscany, and to the south, Naples, Rome is not as defined for its original cuisine.  There are however a few dishes that are completely Roman that I have fallen in love with; one of those dishes is Spaghetti alla Carbonara.  My wife and I were eating in a small bistro near the Forum when we first tasted this delicious dish. Continue reading

Best Mediterranean In the ‘ham

Birmingham has a wonderful variety of amazing Greek and Mediterranean restaurants.  All over the city you can find little Gyro Joints, Kabob Houses, markets and finer eating establishments like Nabeel’s.  Nabeels boasts a richly authentic and resonalbly priced menu.  When you walk into Nabeel’s you feel like you are coming to eat at good friend’s house (it just happens that this good friend is an amazing greek cook!) Continue reading

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