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Recipe Development-Alison Lewis and Virginia Willis

Alison Lewis-Ingredients Inc.

Virginia Willis- Culinary Productions

Recipe Development Basics

1. Who is the target audience for my recipe?

2. Why am I sharing this recipe?

Style-Writing style is the manner in which a writer addresses an issue.  Is it casual, friendly, instruction, specific?  Can people “hear” you?

Voice- How do your readers know that this recipe is coming from you?

How do you do a Recipe?

1. Try to put it on paper first.

2. When testing take a lot of notes- Use a red ink pen when you change something so it will stand out, the second time use a green pen so you can trace the trail you have come down.

3. Make a testing sheet- Make sure to use this so you make sure that you are fully explaining the recipe.  Have other people test for you.

Here is Virginia’s Testing Sheet

Elements of a Recipe-


Headnote- An interesting intro to tempt your reader, sensual, tips, helpful info, make ahead instrutions, ingredients, numbered steps, prep time, cook time, yields,

Recipe Editing Cuidelines- List ingredients in order of when they are used.  Do not use brand name unless you are working for that brand or linking the to the brand.  Use the brand if it is relavent to the success to the recipe

Always indicate the prep for the food.  drained, peeled, etc

Be consistent.

We are now doing a recipe writing session on how to make a PB&J Sandwich.

Great information Thanks so much Alison and Virginia!!!


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