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Marketing Your Blog- Christy Jordan

Christy Jordan runs an awesome blog called Southern Plate

Good marketing is drive and creativity. Everything is so new with social media you have to consistently be learning and trying new things.  You have to make the most of it.

Get your own domain.

Stumbleupon.com is a form of social media, with a tool bar that helps you get noticed outside of your regular circles.  For every person that comes to your blog and leaves happy is the potential for 100 new readers.  Make sure to be unique and share your own voice.  Create disciples for your blog.  Decide up front what your set of standards are.  Have a positive tone and make sure that you are predictable in your content.  Make sure that your blog is accessible to both genders.  Experiment with your design.  You have to be consistent across the board with your brand, have the same name in everything.

Your Blog needs to be reliable. She uses liquidhost.com, bluehost.com  YOu want your blog to market itself when you are not working on it.  Websitegrader.com is a useful tool to help you know what you can improve on.  Once a week try to do something to improve your blog.  This will help your google page ranking.  Be extensive in your tagging.  This will help search engines find you easier. Tag your name as well.  Separate your tags into individual words.  Categories are also important. Know your social media community, Twitter=professional, Facebook=personal.  Build your community in the social media world.

Questions from the Crowd

How often should you post on the blog? She posts three times a week.  This way she gets to hear from everyone and see how the post plays out. 3-5 per week max.

When to post? Fridays are big days for blog posting.

This was a very helpful session.


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