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Best Cupcakes in the ‘ham

Dream Cakes

Let me tell you about my friends at dream cakes.  Well, I do not actually know the owners of dream cakes but I will call them friends because the fill mine and my children’s bellies with some amazing confectionary delights!  Dream Cakes is one of the thousands of cup cake shops that have popped up all over the country in the past few years.  It is excellent in every way.  Beautifully soft and moist cake with layers of flavor within and on top.  They have a massive selection both with standards and new flavors every day.  We have not found a cup cake yet that has not been amazing at dream cakes.  They have also utilized the food truck concept and are bringing their beautiful Homewood shop all over Birmingham.  So if you are in the mood for an amazing little lump of baked heaven head over the dream cakes in the Edgewood section of Homewood.

BTW if you are lucky they will have my personal favorite the Maple Bacon Cup Cake, yes it is exactly what you are thinking, trust me it puts you in a happy coma.


The Passing of a Living Institution in the ‘ham

About three weeks ago we had our first glimpse of Spring. It just happened to come on a beautiful Saturday and the family and I knew what we had to do.  We loaded up to car and headed downtown to Pete’s Famous Hot Dogs, a Birmingham institution since 1948.  Pete’s is essentially a closet downtown where the best hot dogs in the city are made!  Pete’s proprietor Constantine, who goes by Gus (try to figure that one out), is just as recognizable as the Famous sign that marks this staple.  Remember the soup nazi from Seinfield?  Well Gus is Birmingham’s hot dog nazi.  Let me pause and make sure that you know this is no cut on Gus, it is as much a part of the DNA of this place as the sign or the tile floor, it is a necessary part of the Pete’s experience.

That is Gus hunched over the grill in the bottom right corner

So I walk in, nervous, not wanting to screw up the order, not talk too much, not make eye contact, but not look sheepish.  Purposeful and humble, my plan is to rattle out my order, the one I had practiced about 10 times, no joke, smile and pay for my food.  Good plan right?  Nope. Continue reading

Birmingham Benedict

Bobby Flay says that brunch is his favorite meal of the day because of the many things you can do with it.  I totally agree!!!  Brunch is so versatile!  You can use sweet, savory, fruit, veggies, meat, pastry, you name it and I bet there is a brunch recipe that will include it!  So once again, it is Saturday morning and I want to mix it up a little.  I love Eggs Benedict.  It is an awesome combination of bread, meat, eggs, a creamy sauce and usually some veggies.  I have had some spectacular variations of this brunch mainstay, but never have I had it the way I made it this morning.  So without further ado I give you my very own Birmingham Benedict!!! Continue reading

When In Rome: New York City, Manhattan Edition

First of all, I feel completely inadequate even beginning to try to write an article about where to eat in Manhattan, aka the food capital of the world.  So a disclaimer:  I am not an expert on dining in this amazing culinary city.  I am however a lover of food, and that love has led me to some pretty great places around an even more amazing city.  I will be back to NYC in the Spring and I hope that some of you will recommend some places for me to eat so that I can add to this article a second entry.  I have also enlisted an entertainment writer/blogger from New York to help me in this endeavor.  K over at Pure Complex has so generously sent me some great dessert recommendations for when you have a sweet tooth in the city that never sleeps.  Make sure to go and check our her blog and get the latest scoop on new movies, pop culture and other entertainment news.  So thanks K at PureComplex.com for the local insider information! Continue reading

Waste Not, Want Not…

They new year has been rather encouraging for me so far.  While my personal and professional lives are going very well, those alone are not the source of this wave of new year’s optimism.  There are some ways that the whole notion of food, and its practical as well as theological implications are changing for me.  The first way is the notion that there is enough food in the world for everyone. Continue reading

What Did You Have For Dinner? Here is What I Had!

What did you have for Dinner?  Here is what I whipped up last night in just about 20 minutes!  My wife and I have been talking about how good food and good cooking does not always have to take a lot of time and fuss.  So last night I put this ideology into practice.  Now do not get me wrong, I do believe that so much of good cooking is right timing and trusting the process but this meal was both simple and quick!  It began with 2 fresh Grouper filets in the ice box from our monger.  They each were around .5lbs.  These beautiful filets were going to be the center piece. Continue reading

Great New Food Website

If you have not checked out Foodily yet, click here and see what time magazine is calling the “Facebook of Food“.  It is a recipe aggregator that should do for cooking websites what Expedia or Travelocity did for Hotel and Airline web traffic.

United States of Beer or REALLY KEYSTONE LIGHT!?!?!

We have yet another fun United States map dedicated to food, or in this case drink.  Usually these are fun and offer themselves for some fun sparring as to what culinary delight best defines a state.  This attempt at giving each state a beer, I believe, was compiled just to make me mad.  Really Keystone Light?????  Now, granted the University of Alabama is a massive Frat school and I know much sub par beer like Keystone and Natural Light are consumed by the barrel full but C’Mon Man!!!!  REALLY KEYSTONE LIGHT?!?!?   So I am going to offer our friends at the Houston Press a THREAT suggestion on a few other beer choices for our great state of Alabama.  BTW, are you happy with your states representation? Let Me Know!!!  Click here for original Article

Two Choice Brews from our Fair State:

Good People Brewing Company

Olde Towne Brewing Company

Hungry for More- Wade Kwon

Wade Kwon



How will your food business stand out?

The way we talk about food now is completely different than the way we talked about 5-10 years ago. So many more people care about food than ever before. People ask more questions of food than they have in the past, we have more access to our food and its information.

People must must must get value for their money and their time. Coming out of a recession, money is tight and eating out comes in a lesser frequency. Think about how you are helping others with your blog to make the best decisions with this valuable time.

Food is different now, we have so may opportunities to try so many types of food. Food is shifting away from routine to entertainment. Is your brand entertaining, is it something that people get excited about and are passionate about. Food is entertaining!

The bad news from all of this excitement about food is that telling that story requires MORE effort on your part. There are soooo many voices competing for attention. Information must be current to fans.

Information must be interesting to fans. You want to be interesting. You are competing against so many funny and interesting things on the internet. (He is trying to talk while he is showing a youtube video of a cat peaking in and out of a bag.)

It has to be personal. You do not buy groceries from Publix or get your hair cut at Regis, you buy your groceries from Joe and you get you hair cut by Stacey. You have to connect on a very personal level and show people that you care about them not just about their business.

It has to be inviting to fans. Are you talking down to your customers? Are you speaking on a level and with a tone that shows them that you want to share something with them and are excited about sharing information? Ease the tension of exploring food and restaurants. Turn people into fans and fans into customers

Tips and Techniques to Share Your Story

Your colleagues help tell the story.

You can build an audience that asks questions and wants information

Tools at your fingertips: We have all of the tools that major companies use to communicate, now it is just what we do with those tools.

The Gulf Oil Spill and Southern Seafood

Panelist- Ashley Hall, Erin Shaw Street, John Bowler, Stacey Little

Ashley- Worked blogging during the spill over at Third Coast Byways to tell the stories of the fishermen on the coast getting the word directly from the industry. It is important to continue to share that the seafood is safe and ready to eat!.

John- Whole Foods Seafood buyer- Whole Foods did not pull Gulf Coast seafood during when everyone else did, as a company they decided there was no better time to support these people. They are still doing testing of the fish to make sure they quality is at its best. NOAA is the most detailed site to get information concerning the spill. Whole Foods trusts their fishermen, who go to NOAA and check everyday as to where they should and should not fish.


This has been a very interesting session. In a world where we are constantly flooded with new disasters, pain and heart ache it is easy to forget the lasting effect of this horrifying tragedy that concluded only a few months ago. Thanks so much for including the stories of the fishermen and the gulf coast at this conference. How important it is to keep these beautiful people on the front of our minds as well as remember the with our pocket books and shopping carts.

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