A Study in Chocolate

So a few weeks ago I made my wife a big three course Valentine’s meal.  We started off with an appetizer of pan seared scallops with flash fried lemon zest.  Our main course was a roasted garlic and rosemary crusted rack of lamb, served over creamed potatoes with a side of roasted asparagus and mushrooms.  The grand finale was, what I am calling, a study in chocolate.  It was a four part dessert, consisting of a cup of Mexican sipping chocolate with cayenne whipping cream, followed by a chocolate covered strawberry, then the famous chocolate souffle with creme anglaise from Hot and Hot Fish Club (recipe can be found in their cookbook, Click Here) and finally some dark chocolate bark infused with lavender blossoms and topped with sea salt.  If you are interested in making the entire study in chocolate you can get Hot and Hot’s recipe in the book, chocolate covered strawberries are easy enough, and below are my two other recipes for the sipping chocolate and the sea salt and lavender bark. Enjoy! Continue reading


The Best Breakfast Cups…Ever.

One of the things I love about our family is that we decided a few years ago that breakfast and dinner were going to be priority family times.  We eat a full breakfast every morning together before we take the kids to school and go to work, usually consisting of bacon, eggs, bread, coffee and a fruit of some sort.  During the week, this is our standard, but when we get to the weekend I like to change it up a little.  Using the same ingredients with just a few tweaks I came up with the Best Breakfast Cups!  These Best Breakfast Cups are both hearty, with thick smoked bacon, and light with the fluffy omelet-like egg filling.  You are going to love these super tasty Best Breakfast Cups! Continue reading

When In Rome: New York City, Manhattan Edition

First of all, I feel completely inadequate even beginning to try to write an article about where to eat in Manhattan, aka the food capital of the world.  So a disclaimer:  I am not an expert on dining in this amazing culinary city.  I am however a lover of food, and that love has led me to some pretty great places around an even more amazing city.  I will be back to NYC in the Spring and I hope that some of you will recommend some places for me to eat so that I can add to this article a second entry.  I have also enlisted an entertainment writer/blogger from New York to help me in this endeavor.  K over at Pure Complex has so generously sent me some great dessert recommendations for when you have a sweet tooth in the city that never sleeps.  Make sure to go and check our her blog and get the latest scoop on new movies, pop culture and other entertainment news.  So thanks K at PureComplex.com for the local insider information! Continue reading

Waste Not, Want Not…

They new year has been rather encouraging for me so far.  While my personal and professional lives are going very well, those alone are not the source of this wave of new year’s optimism.  There are some ways that the whole notion of food, and its practical as well as theological implications are changing for me.  The first way is the notion that there is enough food in the world for everyone. Continue reading

What Did You Have For Dinner? Here is What I Had!

What did you have for Dinner?  Here is what I whipped up last night in just about 20 minutes!  My wife and I have been talking about how good food and good cooking does not always have to take a lot of time and fuss.  So last night I put this ideology into practice.  Now do not get me wrong, I do believe that so much of good cooking is right timing and trusting the process but this meal was both simple and quick!  It began with 2 fresh Grouper filets in the ice box from our monger.  They each were around .5lbs.  These beautiful filets were going to be the center piece. Continue reading

Great New Food Website

If you have not checked out Foodily yet, click here and see what time magazine is calling the “Facebook of Food“.  It is a recipe aggregator that should do for cooking websites what Expedia or Travelocity did for Hotel and Airline web traffic.

United States of Beer or REALLY KEYSTONE LIGHT!?!?!

We have yet another fun United States map dedicated to food, or in this case drink.  Usually these are fun and offer themselves for some fun sparring as to what culinary delight best defines a state.  This attempt at giving each state a beer, I believe, was compiled just to make me mad.  Really Keystone Light?????  Now, granted the University of Alabama is a massive Frat school and I know much sub par beer like Keystone and Natural Light are consumed by the barrel full but C’Mon Man!!!!  REALLY KEYSTONE LIGHT?!?!?   So I am going to offer our friends at the Houston Press a THREAT suggestion on a few other beer choices for our great state of Alabama.  BTW, are you happy with your states representation? Let Me Know!!!  Click here for original Article

Two Choice Brews from our Fair State:

Good People Brewing Company

Olde Towne Brewing Company

When in Rome: Nashville Edition

Nashville is a great city to visit!  It is easy to get around, traffic is no where near as bad as other large cities and there are loads of great eats all around the city.  My list below has one caveat, it is primarily centered around the Vanderbilt campus.  I did venture to a highly recommended restaurant called City House and was really excited about the food, but alas the bloody place was closed on Tuesday– who the heck closes on Tuesdays!!!! I will visit it the next time I am in the city, just not on a Tuesday.  So below are my primarily Vandy centered eateries.  I hope you enjoy! Continue reading

Low Country Shrimp and Grits

Few things scream Southern Cuisine louder than Low Country Shrimp and Grits!  There are so many wonderful variations on this warm and hearty dish, but today I am giving you the Vulcan’s Table version.  For me there are two keys to really good Shrimp and Grits.  The first is making sure to get really good stone-ground grits.  This ingredient can make all of the difference in both taste and consistency.  Secondly, for my grits I rely heavily on the spices in the andouille sausage.  I let these spices and the fat really flavor the dish.  Make sure you know the heat of your sausage and cut it accordingly; you do not want to get a big bite of really spicy sausage that will overpower the other amazing flavors in the dish.  I use the fresh andouille in the butchers section at our local Whole Foods.  Don’t forget to support our Gulf Coast fishermen and buy fresh and delicious certified Gulf Coast shrimp! Click here to hear some of the amazing stories of these fishermen at Third Coast Byways.

I really love to cook this recipe for lunch on a cold winter day and serve it with some crusty french bread.  Enjoy! Continue reading

Food South Photography

You have to Check out Jennifer Davick’s site, she is an incredible photographer! http://www.jenniferdavick.com/

I did not take notes for here, I was too enthralled by the whole Styling and Photographing process, excellent advice from both presenters!

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