The Great Bread Making Experiment; Day 13: or Days Away From Bread Making Bliss

When the Great Bread Making Experiment last left you, our hero “the starter” was literally teetering between this world and starter afterlife (the garbage disposal).  When all of a sudden (3 days of coddling), from the icy cold grip death (my sink) our valiant hero (a lumpy gelatinous pile of fermenting flour and water) arose (that is literally true, it did rise) a valiant and hearty starter!!!  I am proud to announce that if the consistent pattern of rising and falling, that has developed in recent days, continues I am planning on making bread, my first Tartine bread, by next Tuesday!!!  So make sure to stay tuned, same bread time same bread site for the exciting conclusion (it is not really the conclusion because if it works I will be making a lot more of the good stuff)  of…. Super Starter!!!


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I find too many things interesting, I'm in love with my family, author of Hollow Faith (CYMT 2012), ExtraOrdinary (YM360, 2014) and Organic Student Ministry (Chalice Press, 2015) and I hang out with youth for a living. View all posts by stephenlingram

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