New Year’s Eve Dinner

Just thought I would post what all I made for Mary Liz and myself for New Years Eve dinner. *Note: I am not a cheap, no fun, hermit, avoid the crowds husband. That is not why we were at home, no baby sitters for our beautiful 3 & 5 year olds gave us the opportunity to have a lovely evening of sparklers and good food together.  We had a lovely time and all for about $12 a meal. Click on the pictures for a better look.  And that meal consisted of:

Roasted Duck Breast with Clementine Thyme Sauce cut on a bias and served over Creamy mashed potatoes alongside roasted baby portobello mushrooms and shallots cooked in some rendered duck fat and roasted Asparagus tips. For Dessert we had Orange and Chocolate Bread Pudding. We topped off the evening with a Grand Champagne Cocktail. It was delicious.


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I find too many things interesting, I'm in love with my family, author of Hollow Faith (CYMT 2012), ExtraOrdinary (YM360, 2014) and Organic Student Ministry (Chalice Press, 2015) and I hang out with youth for a living. View all posts by stephenlingram

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