The Great Bread Making Experiment: Day 4; or What Goes Up Must Come Down

So today I awoke and what to my wandering eyes did appear but …a ring around the bowl!  You might wonder why this is a good or significant event in my life.  Well it means that my little microbial pets, the yeast, are now feeding on the warm water and bread flour that I am giving them.  You see every morning I am removing 80% of my wonderfully growing starter.  Let me pause.  This is depressing, you see every day I have to literally throw away 4/5 of my newly grown friend/pet.  Again,this is depressing.  There is a reason.  Every morning my post cup of coffee act of savagery is not committed out of rage or some lustful vengeance.  No!  It is done out of love.  My pubescent starter is in quite the growing phase and needs room to stretch its ever expanding girth.  So every morning I just give it a little lypo and viola!  It gets to grow again and I become a tiny bit more it’s master.  So when I walked in and saw that it had risen and fallen it was just the sign I was looking for that we are on the right track in both training and growth.  It’s a beautiful moment when the little ones begin to do things on their own. sniff sniff.  More to Come!!!


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I find too many things interesting, I'm in love with my family, author of Hollow Faith (CYMT 2012), ExtraOrdinary (YM360, 2014) and Organic Student Ministry (Chalice Press, 2015) and I hang out with youth for a living. View all posts by stephenlingram

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