Best Mediterranean In the ‘ham

Birmingham has a wonderful variety of amazing Greek and Mediterranean restaurants.  All over the city you can find little Gyro Joints, Kabob Houses, markets and finer eating establishments like Nabeel’s.  Nabeels boasts a richly authentic and resonalbly priced menu.  When you walk into Nabeel’s you feel like you are coming to eat at good friend’s house (it just happens that this good friend is an amazing greek cook!) Its warm and inviting atmosphere is matched by the equally warm and inviting cuisine.  With it’s well stocked wine list, authentic Mediterranean food and quaint neighborhood quality, Nabeel’s wins Vulcan’s Table Best Mediterranean of Birmingham Award!

Nabeel’s Website

Highlights at Nabeel’s:

Peloponnese Platter- with the best marinated feta you will ever put in your mouth

Feta Theologos- A recipe from the monastery of St. John in Greece, this appetizer is feta baked with EVOO and fresh herbs, amazing.

Shrimp Aegean- this is a warm and filling authentic recipe full of fresh herbs, orzo and large plump shrimp served in your individual crock.

Moussaka- With it’s rich and creamy Beschamel sauce this classic dish is one of my go to’s at Nabeel’s (pictured above)

Home made pita chips and Home made Salad Dressing- Not only are these both delicious and home made they can both also be bought in the extensive mediterranean store connected to the restaurant.


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